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Used Clothing – Recycling and re-using helps many

The used clothing business has been growing by leaps and bounds for some time now. We at Morgan MetalsĀ  have seen a surge of interest in used clothing bins, and recycling containers, from every sort of business and organization. From the smallest of churches who are interested in raising funds for their charities to large recycled clothing businesses, many of whom team up with charities in their area, creating a winning strategy for everyone involved, the recycling business is on the rise.

Used clothing, shoes, and books can be recycled and then resold in thrift shops and resale shops. With the tight economy, many people welcome the opportunity to shop for their clothing, shoes or books at a fraction of their original cost, and for churches and other charitable organizations, selling used clothing can be a great way to increase their funds that are then directed to various charities.

Of course, when people donate used clothing, there are certain items that upon review are no longer suitable for resale. Typically, a thrift store or resale shop prefers to set a standard for clothing in very good to excellent condition, without rips, tears, or stains. Although most shops have a policy of laundering items before reselling, some of the donated items are simply not in the proper condition to offer in their stores. However, these items in less than perfect condition still have value in their own way. Pallets of less desirable items can be sold for rag recycling, based on weight. There are some large companies who do nothing but concentrate on the rag recycling business.

In the spirit of keeping our footprint on the planet as small as possible, all of this recycling, whether it is destined for a resale shop or for overseas sale on pallets, is good. By reusing items, not only is money raised and earned, but we have less waste and less items being tossed into landfills.

As time goes on we will concentrate on more interesting aspects of the recycling business, take a look at the various business models capitalizing on used clothing donations, and explore a few of the more unusual uses we have seen put in place for our recycling bins. Bookmark our page to keep an eye on the news!